Come for the Jamstack. Stay for the Fediverse.

Everything you think you know about engagement, commerce, and publishing on the Web is about to change. For the better, we hope? Almost certainly.

Whitefusion is not your typical boutique Web studio. We’re not here just to build for the Web. We’re here to build the Web.

The open Web. The social Web. The standards-based Web. Frameworks for humane developers on the Web. Resources to educate the next generation of creators embodying the Web.

Whitefusion. Exploring the edges of “cyberspace” since 1997. And now here for you.

Let’s Get This Party Started

A World-Wide Web, If You Can Keep It…

35 years ago, a once-in-a-lifetime invention came along which completely changed the world. We already had personal computers, but the digital revolution hadn’t exactly taken off yet. We already had the Internet, but nobody quite knew what to do with it. We lacked a unifying principle to wire it all together, to connect the world, and to let billions of creative souls express themselves on a single global platform.

35 years ago, the World-Wide Web was born.

And today, the next phase of the evolution of the Web has begun…but the future is not yet certain. This precious resource is under attack by forces within and without, and we can only prevail if we keep our eyes open, step up, and contribute.

Whitefusion is here to make the Web just a little bit better. We’re ready to partner with forward-thinking individuals and organizations to build products and services which give to the Web, not just take. Time to bid farewell to deceptive patterns, data brokers, vendor lock-in, and playing in Big Social’s sandbox. Together, we can make a real dent in the “Fediverse” by constructing a healthier, more responsible ecosystem for the digital economy.

We’re the Bridgetown Company (and More Besides)

Whitefusion is proud to sponsor the development of Bridgetown, a progressive site generator and fullstack framework powered by Ruby, Roda, and esbuild. In just a few years, Bridgetown has come to beat at the heart of a variety of online properties built by our team and many others, and we’re pleased to announce a massive upgrade for v2 is just around the corner.

Besides the Bridgetown ecosystem, we participate in a variety of community groups and open source projects to push the frontend of the Web forward, encourage the adoption of “vanilla” standards, and promote the rollout of open social protocols.

Learn About the Resources we provide to newbies and industry insiders alike.

Discover How We Set Up Projects to avoid tech debt and succeed for the long-term.

Explore the Open Source Technologies we build for ourselves, our clients, and the community.

Stop Publicizing Progress Without Committing to Ethics

There’s a different between experience and expertise. We don’t just bring years of experience to the table. We bring deep knowledge, curiosity, and sound judgement to every engagement—no matter who, what, or when. We apply ethical principles to every decision we make, and we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk.

Our pledge to you in 2024 and beyond: 100% AI-free productions. All the solutions we provide are of the finest human-grade quality. We’re not afraid of progress! But we’re not buying the bullshit. Read more about our AI Ethical Framework we’ve laid out which presents the minimum threshold required for us to evaluate any “generative AI” toolchain.

Ethics in tech always starts with transparency. We’re proud of our work contributing to the open source community. Whitefusion has worked on projects with thousands of hearts on GitHub, collaborated with dozens of contributors, and overseen numerous releases as well as implemented successful crowdfunding campaigns and online conferences.

We regularly produce technical writing and documentation, podcasts, video tutorials, and engage in Fediverse-centric social media conversation—all with the aim of simplifying the modern Web, promoting ethical standards-based practices, and providing better alternatives to the industry status quo.

Opportunity for a True Conversation

Clients We’ve Worked With Past & Present

🚀 Preset Galaxy // Just Launched!

Whitefusion teamed up with Orange Tree Samples to scope, develop, and release Preset Galaxy, a community platform centered around UGC (User-Generated Content) for music producers.

Using a combination of Ruby, Rails, custom tooling, web components, and modern frontend best practices, we launched a platform that’s performant, stable, and welcoming. You can read more about the project on Jared White’s blog here.

  • Font Awesome
  • bloom mark Bloom Housing
  • dax entertainment mark Dax Entertainment
  • beer menus mark BeerMenus
  • compliance helper mark ComplianceHelper
  • gem mark Gilleran Energy Management
  • Backroads
  • o'hanlon mark O’Hanlon Center for the Arts
  • geoffrey ellis flutes mark Geoffrey Ellis Flutes

Ready to Add Our Expertise to Your Product Team?

We regularly work with individuals and organizations who have deep domain expertise in their line of work but require the skills and insights we provide from years of experience in ours.

Even on existing software teams, there can be a gap between what was once familiar and broadly accepted, and the real-world best practices, techniques, and patterns which will set projects up for long-term success today. You could use another pair of eyes. 👀

If you’re tired of codebases which mushroom in complexity until they’re unmaintainable, if you’re weary of business-as-usual which makes the open Web feel like a morass of numbers-driven “engagement” and cloud-service entrapment, if you yearn for the days when a prudent employment of open standards and delightful abstractions could unlock genuine experiences outpacing much larger rivals…then we understand each other. Let’s chat. 🤙

Time to Raise a Righteous Ruckus

Who is Whitefusion?

Where is Whitefusion? Why is Whitefusion? 😜

Hi, I’m Jared. I live and work in Portland, Oregon. And I’m a Web developer.

A photo of Jared sitting with his hands folded neatly on the table in front of him

I’ve been at this…a long time. 😅 I first got my start building Web sites in the 1990s. I’ve seen entire sub-industries of the Web come and go. One day it’s J2EE, another day it’s Next.js. There’s always some outfit promoting flashy yet over-engineered technology that’s so complicated it requires a slew of consultants ready to “fix” all the problems that inevitably arise.

I’m sick of it. But thankfully, I’m not alone. Cooler heads are prevailing, praise be to Berners-Lee.

I’m a champion of the underdog: the solo dev, the small tight-knit team. I’m with the people who believe you can build great things with simple, easy-to-understand tools and a commitment to the greatest invention in the history of mankind: the Open Web. Join the resistance, and together we shall accomplish great things. I can’t wait. 🙌

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Tech Stacks That Last are Harder Than You Think

From Java applets to Flash plugins to janky SPA leviathans to chatbots run amuck…these tendencies to build atop hype-fueled platforms come and go in waves.

Everyone chases after the shiny new thing—without stopping to consider the impact it will have on real users. We’ve had to suffer through frameworks which consider the browser merely a build target of a lofty cross-platform UI toolkit. We’ve had to suffer through the adoption of scripts which only seem to degrade performance, steal people’s data, and harm accessibility.

It’s time to get back to basics and honor the citizens of digital spaces by respecting their time and their devices. Never bet against the Web browser to provide the majority of building blocks we will need to craft fantastic user experiences. By properly leveraging HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—all in their proper place and benefiting from a minimalist design philosophy—we can add valuable business logic and interactivity while avoiding undue complexity like the plague.

Our motto is just say no to yet another build tool unless absolutely necessary. Speak clearly and humanely to your audience, and provide genuinely useful content and applications which serve felt needs. And of course, use progressive enhancement techniques for users as well as markup-first techniques for developers.

Enough is enough! It’s time to reclaim our sanity. If it’s true that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then we’re ready to fly.

Together, Let’s Go Elemental

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