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When you need “Dev Therapy”, the Doctor is in!

Some people call Jared the “code whisperer”. He will coach you, mentor you, help you get unstuck—whether it’s on the frontend, the backend, documentation, or governance.

Ask Jared to adjudicate when there’s a real difference of opinion on your team. Seek a bit of outside counsel to make meaningful progress on reducing your tech debt, increasing understanding, and faciliating codebase health. Time to get educated and take an empowering step forward. Here we go!

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Possible Conversations

Wondering what we might talk about during our session together? Here are a few examples:

“Our design system has gotten unwieldy and we’re having a hard time making improvements. How might we solve this for the next major release?”

“We’re investigating replacing some of our React components with HTML web components. Are there any tools and techniques we should be looking at?”

“The microservices we deployed are taking up way too much time for our team to maintain. What’s a good approach for pulling some functionality back into our monolith?”

“I’m a junior developer and it’s hard to stand out from the crowd with my skillset. What do I need to know to make a splash and showcase the value I know I can provide?”

“Our content team is split. Some folks want to stick with Markdown in a Git repo, other folks want more of a visual CMS editor. How do we square this circle?”

“We’ve been a Ruby shop for many years, but our team is growing to include more TypeScript developers. Is it time to bid farewell to Ruby and just develop with TypeScript?”

“I’m been developing frontends in HTML/CSS/JS for years but I’d like to branch out into fullstack development…maybe even explore some other languages. What should I do to plan my educational path efficiently?”

“We’d like to investigate moving from Active Record to Sequel so it’s easier to break off parts of our app to write in other Ruby frameworks like Roda. How can we do this without major downtime?”

“I’m currently the maintainer of an open source project that’s loosely promoted by my employer, but I’m not sure how to encourage more co-workers to join and contribute meaningfully. What’s a good governance structure here?”

“We’re ramping up our content creation efforts but want to make sure we’re taking advantage of new open social media opportunities in the Fediverse and the like. How might we host and distribute content ourselves as much as possible?”

“Our website is a mess and we want to get a whole new Bridgetown installation up and running which would integrate with our backoffice software. Can we map out a strategy for loading content from data sources at build time?”

“Our Ruby on Rails application is years out of date and needs upgrading to the latest gems and security updates. We’re also not sure how to take advantage of the lastest frontend pipelines like esbuild. Is there a way to audit our repo?”

“We’re working through some substantial changes to our codebase to support upcoming features and need some additional expertise in code review and documenting architecture. Can we pull you into our process?”

“A previous group seems like it injected a lot of bad code, perhaps from an LLM, into the repo to implement a feature quickly and then left the project. How do we bring the quality up to our revised standards?”

Any of these ideas resonate with you?

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