Educational Resources

A huge focus for Whitefusion is providing actionable and down-to-earth educational materials for developers. We’re creating the content we wish to see in the world. No matter what your skill level is or what you hope to achieve in your career, our goal is to help you get a leg up with “force multiplier” techniques and approaches to modern web development.

Fullstack Ruby

Fullstack Ruby is a blog, podcast, and newsletter with over two hundred subscribers run by Whitefusion founder Jared White. It’s a celebration of the expressiveness, flexibility, and…yes…weirdness of Ruby—with a particular focus on what makes Ruby vibrant and relevant in our present decade as frontend and full-stack developers.

Recent popular articles & podcast episodes include:

  1. What Would It Take for Roda to Win?
  2. Episode 4: Design Patterns on the Frontend, History of MVVM, Web Components, and You
  3. How Ruby and Web Components Can Work Together
  4. Ruby on the Frontend? Choose Your Weapon
  5. Everything You Need to Know About Destructuring in Ruby 3
  6. Where Do Ruby Blocks Come From?

The Spicy Web

Big news! We’ve launched a newbie-friendly Discord chat server and are close to reaching a hundred members. Join a fabulous community of web developers learning how to use “vanilla” web specs like HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & Web Components—plus no-nonsense libraries & tools which promote developer happiness and avoid vendor lock-in. (Hmm, this sounds familiar…)

It’s entirely free to get started. Jared is now blogging regularly on THE SPICY WEB, and we’ll soon be launching paid courses to take you even deeper down the rabbit hole, so stay tuned!

Vanilla has never tasted so hot. 🍦🌶

We also like to share some of our content through the wildly-popular developer resource To wit:

  1. How to Install Shoelace with Rails 7, esbuild, and PostCSS
  2. Custom Elements Everywhere for Page Layout, Parts I and II
  3. Why Tailwind Isn’t for Me (viewed over 83,431 times!)

Fresh Fusion Podcast

Fresh Fusion is a weekly show covering the business, the art, the ethics of content creation on the open web. Hosted by Jared White, this is a podcast you’ll want to subscribe to no matter what kind of content you create and publish online.

Recent episodes include:

  1. MaxBook Pro & The Podcasts I Love
  2. Sex Appeal, Heteronormativity, and White Supremacy in Algorithms
  3. Big Tech is Too Powerful. So…Now What?
  4. Retreat! Why Getting Away is the Way to Go
  5. Product Placements & Ethical Advertising
  6. Yes, Users DO Care About the Tools You Use

For more helpful resources, be sure to visit our Tech Specs page with links to open source tools and frameworks you may find useful.

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